Know a good sheep looking for work?



A Post by Evelyn Montgomery:


“Our sheep enjoy spacious accommodations and wonderful view of the Dallas skyline.”

The flock at Old City Park needs a new member. The current ovine (Google it and use it daily until it feels natural) population consists of two chubby Southdowns, Winston and Starbuck, and one aged Rambouillet, MayBelle. They would love to welcome a new, younger sheep to share their home at the farmstead of a nationally accredited museum in the heart of the fashionable Cedars neighborhood. This is an offer no sheep could refuse.

The museum would not be able to pay for this new sheep, but would be happy to give you a letter acknowledging your donation to a registered non-profit, which the IRS would enjoy reading. Perhaps you are a breeder with a sheep that’s hard to sell? We don’t need perfection, just wool and the ability to demonstrate grazing for our visitors. Have you raised a nice sheep for Future Farmers of America or 4H, and would like to see your friend find a safe home and useful employment? We offer the following:

A fulfilling career-As museum educators, our sheep instruct 25,000 school children each year. They demonstrate sheep behavior, grow wool, perform charming vocalizations and eat grass in full view of the public. They are the first sheep most of these city kids have ever seen.

Become a celebrity-Each spring, your sheep will star in our annual Girl Scout Day, called Plow, Plant and Shear. Sheep are not expected to plow or plant, but to demonstrate the first step in wool processing.

Full medical benefits-It was not easy to find a large animal vet willing to treat patients in downtown Dallas, but Dr. Christine Kessler provides loving care to our donkeys and sheep. All of our animals live out their natural lifespan here. We have been known to harbor geriatric chickens, and MayBelle may well be the oldest living sheep in Dallas County.

Free housing-The flock enjoys their own barn and fenced pasture at the farmstead. Grass grows abundantly for most of the year, particularly on the compost pile, which the sheep enjoy climbing for exercise.

The ideal candidate for this position should be a heritage breed, available in Texas by 1900. Old City Park is an equal opportunity employer, but we must discriminate against rams for this position, preferring ewes or wethers. Since our farmstead specializes in demonstrating the production of wool rather than mutton, we prefer a breed known for its ability tor grow that traditional textile product rather than a meat breed. Cute is great, friendly is better, and ability to get along well with Winston, Starbuck and MayBelle is a must. If you have the perfect sheep for us, please contact Evelyn at