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Our Response to COVID-19

Dear Friends, 

Living history has a very different meaning these days, doesn’t it?

As we all navigate these extraordinary times, I wanted to give you a glimpse into what’s happening here at Old City Park. We are committed to sustaining both our employees and our organization throughout this crisis. The staff you all know so well—Gene back at the Farmstead, Angie in the Section House, Bonnie with the donkeys, and so many more—will be paid their regularly scheduled hours through the end of March. We are currently putting together some work from home options for these staff members for April. After all, being at home is a perfect time to do history. When you visit next, expect us all to have to a lot more stories. 

The rest of the team is also working to move the past forward. Some are working from home, while others of us are still coming into the office. Since we work in historic houses across the campus, it’s very easy to practice social distancing at the workplace. Sarah and Lisa are planning programming for reopening—we’re just not putting any dates on the calendar. Elizabeth is doing research and getting our records in order. Sydney is still chatting with clients about future rentals—and offering a 20% discount through May 1. As the weather allows, Wolf is weeding gardens and tackling maintenance projects. The roof at Sullivan is still being replaced. Aidan is keeping things going on social media. And Preston and I are coming up with various strategies to sustain us financially through this period. All of us are using this time as an opportunity to strengthen this museum. Though we don’t yet know when we’ll be able to reopen, we are getting extremely excited about what we’re planning for those days.

When an organization is built around community—whether it’s a restaurant, gym, museum, or school—it’s incredibly challenging to suddenly have to rethink everything. As you consider the organizations that you want to still be here when this crisis passes, I hope Old City Park is on that list. Become a member. Send a virtual carrot to Waylon, Willie, and Nip. Make a donation equivalent to what you would have spent on tickets to Sunday Social or a spring visit. Or simply comment on our social media posts so that we can keep those conversations about history going.

We’ll see you on the other side.

Stay well, 

Melissa Prycer

President and Executive Director