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Remembering Tuck


Tuck, age 22, ambassador and mascot of Old City Park, passed away peacefully on January 17, 2019. He was surrounded by his OCP family and brother, Nip.

Tuck was born in 1996 and arrived at Old City Park (then known as Old City Park) with his half-brother Nip in 2000 as part of an expanded living history program. Tuck quickly became an integral part of the OCP experience, pulling the carriage for visitors, cheerfully accepting nose scratches, posing for pictures, and gobbling any and all treats. He was well known for occasionally nibbling on fabric, particularly scarves, and letting Nip do most of the work in pulling the wagon.

In recent years, Tuck developed arthritis in his knees and retired from active duty in 2015. When Waylon and Willie arrived in 2016, Tuck helped train them for their public relations duties.

Tuck is survived by his brother Nip, nephews Willie and Waylon, his handler Bonnie Cooley, and all the staff, volunteers, and visitors that loved him over the years. In lieu of carrots, memorial donations can be made to OCP’s wagon restoration fund.

We have shared some of our favorite photos and memories of Tuck on our Facebook page, and we invite you to share yours as well. #tuckdhv