How does catering work?

OCP does not have an onsite caterer or any commercial kitchen facilities. We do offer a list of Approved Caterers who are familiar with the museum or for a small fee you are welcome to select a different caterer to work with.  Any caterer you select must provide a certificate of insurance as well as a copy of their catering permit.

What are some of the rules of your venue?

There is absolutely no smoking on the grounds or inside the buildings at Old City Park pursuant to Dallas City Code 41-1. Guests are invited to enjoy the grounds and animals, but there is no feeding any of our heritage breeds during your event. We also ask that your event ensures guests are aware of event starting and ending times, as well as maintains a clear understanding of clean-up policies. 

Can we “BYOB” our event?

OCP does not mind who purchases the drinks, but we do require that any alcohol be served by a TABC certified bartender who is serving under a commercial insurance policy.  If you select a bartender who has not worked here recently, we will need a copy of this updated documentation prior to your event.  In addition, if mixed drinks will be served or if drinks will be sold rather than provided to your guests for free, your bartender is responsible for obtaining the appropriate TABC permits.

What are the event hours?

Evening rentals typically set up after 4:00pm, after the museum closes to the public additional vehicles are permitted on the grounds. Early load-in is available upon request with additional pricing. All vehicles need permission of a OCP Event Staff member (not Guest Services or Security) to enter the museum gates. OCP reserves the right to deny access to any vehicle which is too large or being operated in a way that is unsafe, harmful or disruptive to guests, animals, staff or buildings.

Evening events typically end at midnight, which means cleanup and vendor pickup of belongings should be completed by that time.  Special arrangements may be possible for deliveries or pickups outside of those hours but cannot be guaranteed. Rentals and events which do not meet contractual standards of clean up, load-out, or exiting the grounds may be subject to additional fees.

If you would like to hold a private event during different hours, please contact the Director of Sales.  Daytime events are not uncommon but must be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

What is your capacity?

Old City Park includes a variety of beautiful indoor & outdoor locations which can be rented on their own or combined to accommodate a larger number of people.  We have hosted a gatherings of a few thousand or as intimate as less than ten.  Check the venue descriptions for additional details about the capacity of each space.

What if it rains?

Nature enthusiasts can rest easy at Old City Park.  The museum holds only one event each evening, so even outdoor events have a weather backup plan. Your tour and event planning meetings will always include a discussion about the available weather backup plans, which can be implemented with reasonable notice.  Rest easy – if you love the lawns, the streets and the outdoor feel, we are happy to help you build a lovely weather backup plan.