Corporate Events

Make your corporate event stand out from the rest. Wanting guest and attendees to be relaxed, feel like a part of the team, function at their best and celebrate the occasion. From full park rentals to smaller more intimate spaces, Old City Park offers a variety of venues and rental spaces. Perfect for any corporate even of any size. 



Imagine a traditional summer picnic in the country: great food and drink, kids playing in the fields and feeding the farm animals while parents and grandparents stay cool on a shady park bench. Whether you are reminiscing with classmates or catching up with family from out of town, an Old City Park reunion is just the thing. 

If you would prefer the calm and cool of the evening hours, try an evening rental.  Catch up with family and friends under the stars and stroll the grounds to enjoy the Dallas skyline rising just behind our charming Village.

Fountain Area 2

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