Thank you to all of our supporters! Listed below (coming soon) are all of those who contributed to our 2018 Annual Campaign. Your contribution helps support Old City Park’s ability to preserve and share the diverse history of North Texas with over 50,000 visitors a year, including more than 25,000 school children from across the region. You are a vital part of the Park! We are grateful for your continuing support and generosity to the Park.

We apologize for any omissions or errors. Please contact Preston Cooley with any revisions, or 214-413-3662. 

Jackie McElhaney 

Mrs. Donald Test Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Allred 
Mona and David Munson 
Ann and Paul Phy 
Barbara and Don Baynham
Barbara and Jerry Brockett 
Melanie and Tim Byrne 
Sue and Phil John
Jim Kipp and Susan Paul
Jolene and Mark Masur
Regina Pistor 
Mr. and Mrs. William Plummer 
Jennifer Stribling 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Thomas 

Stacey and Charles Angel Jr.
Lynne and Gil Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hunsicker Jr.
Marsha and Mike Leach
Louise W. Kahn Fund
Alex Nettune 
Mary Spillman 
Ms. Lynn Vogt 

Hampton Burwick Jr.
Marie and John Chiles
Susan Cooper
Laura & Michael Duty
Rae and Lloyd Marquis
Bette Miller 
Joyce and Harvey Mitchell
Pamela Dealey Petty
Mrs. William Potts 
Tracey and Trey Pugh
Nancy Shelton
Nancy Shutt 
Mrs. Ben Sparkman 
Alan Tompkins 
Judy and Steve Trowbridge 
Christy Winstead

Mr. and Mrs. John Adams 
Mrs. Reuben Adams 
Emilyne Anding 
Michael Barrett and Michael Przekwas
Kathryn and Ted Biggers
Lucy Blachly
Kathryn Bond 
Terri and Irwin Brown 
Dustin Bullard
Scott Chase 
Sam Childers 
Susan and Linc Eldredge
Rebecca Eldredge 
Gail and Stephen Enda 
Ann Gaspari 
Dr. Michael V. Hazel
Caroline L. Hunt 
Jim Jackson
Stephen Johnson
Elizabeth Lenart 
Joseph McMullen 
Michael Paschetag
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pierce Jr.
Phyllis and Andy Prycer 
Melissa Prycer 
Gene Rain 
Anne and Steve Robillard
Lisa Ricci Rofsky
Rose-Mary Rumbley 
Darlene Schneider and Roman Montemayor
Annette and Gary Smith 
Roena and Charles Tandy 
Stephanie and Paul Turney
Dr. Sharman Vesecky 

up to $99
Claudia Alexander
Doris Anschuetz 
Mrs. Michael Bierman 
Marissa Britton
Janet & Wilgus Burton
Barbara Caffey
Deborah Carpenter
Victoria and Charles Clow 
Melinda and Ron Cowart
Carolyn Craft
Wynne Cunningham
The DeVore Family
April Ellis
Linda Garner 
Claudia Goode
Mr. Lindle Grigsby
Elizabeth Gunby
Lucy Hale
Nancy Hamilton
Kristi Hardy
Kathryn and James Hasse
Amy M. King
Jennifer Landry 
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ledford 
Lois and John Lehman 
Kay Lewis 
Mary Ann Macsisak 
Ben & Karan Marshall
Virginia McAlester 
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McClean 
Mr. and Mrs. James McCurry 
Tracey and Dale McElroy
Ruth Ann Montgomery
Kristi Nedderman
Amber L Oosterwaal
David Preziosi
Linda Qualia 
Betty Quelch 
Lisa Richman and Thad Spalding 
Chrystal and Steve Riddell
Diane Sherman
Ani Simmons
Joy and Bernie Smith
Norma K and Don Stone
Mr. and Mrs. James Stone Jr.
Shirley Strano
Drew Timmons
Natalie Troiani
Anna VanderPluym
Cindy and Paul Weatherall
Tracey Williams
Patricia Zajac