Artists, Jo Temming and Cindy Brewer collaborated on the Woman’s Suffrage project to create three pieces that can be displayed together horizontally or vertically. The intersecting of their two distinct styles creates a unique and beautiful portrayal of the celebration of the women’s suffrage movement.

Artist | Jo Temming

Jo Temming is an Asian-American artist that creates contemporary minimalist art ranging from small single-panel pieces to large scale multi-panel works.  Her artistic objective is to eliminate the extraneous and reduce her art to the simplest form, whether with composition, color or form. Jo believes that the connection between artist and viewer should be collaborative, so she frequently designs her creations so they can be displayed and viewed in multiple ways, allowing her art the flexibility to work in a variety of private and public spaces.

Artist | Cindy Brewer

Cindy began painting again after retiring from a career in Interior Design. She enjoys expression through vivid colors and textures. Her paintings evolve and emerge through several layers of paint. She achieves a 3-dimensional effect experimenting with additives, papers and various mediums. Color, texture, the interplay with light and the spatial relationship on the canvas creates interesting pieces often unexpected and surprisingly revealing.