Every year, we repair porches, purchase craft supplies, buy wildflower seeds, fly a giant Texas flag, feed the donkeys, and buy yarn–these are just some of the many (and varied!) expenses at the Park each year. Because of consistent and generous support from people like you, we are able to meet most of these needs as they arise, but they are never completely satisfied. Pioneers of the past had to be resourceful and clever in order to survive. Today, we embrace the pioneer spirit through new and exciting programming and ongoing preservation efforts.

Your support will mean more preservation projects and educational programming for our visitors and the community.

Monetary donations are crucial to the operation of Old City Park and come in many varieties: annual gifts, bequests, company match gifts, unrestricted gifts and gifts for specific programs. All are appreciated, and many are tax deductible.

Thank you to our Annual Campaign contributors! View the full list here.

Program Sponsorships

Each year Old City Park seeks sponsors to support family education programs, school tours, events such as Candlelight and special projects.

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations are possible depending on museum needs.

Community Partners

Become one of the many manufacturing, service or goods companies that donate materials, services, or cash-back contributions to Old City Park on an ongoing basis! Donations of construction goods, animal feed, grocery or retail goods, printing and more are all needed and appreciated. For a complete list of our current Community Partners, click here.

To find out more about donating, sponsorship opportunities, or becoming a community partner, contact our Director of Development, Preston Cooley, at 214-413-3662 or pcooley@oldcityparkdallas.org.

Donation of Items

Donated items are accepted on a case-by-case basis, depending on museum needs. Most donations of items are for expendables such as classroom crafts, fresh feed for animals etc. Click here for our wish list.

If you want to donate an artifact for the museum’s permanent collection, please click here for our collection policy and information on how to donate.

At this time Old City Park is not looking to add any more pioneer or Victorian buildings to its collection without an attached endowment for the donated building.

More Giving Opportunities

Looking for a way to help support Old City Park and help provide educational programming for the community at large? Learn more about our gift options that will be appreciated by all!

Urban Pioneer Membership

Membership at Old City Park allows patrons to enjoy many programs and one-of-a-kind events. Urban Pioneers get to experience the history and culture of Dallas’ past while enjoying a tranquil urban park setting like no other. Membership at all levels is a rewarding investment that helps to preserve Dallas’ history and support its future.

Curator’s Circle Membership

The Curator’s Circle encompasses Old City Park’s highest membership levels and provides the largest membership revenue in support of the immersive educational and preservation efforts at Old City Park. Our Curator’s Circle members are some of the best advocates for the Park because they understand our mission and choose to support us at the highest level. 


Volunteers of every stripe are always needed!

Become a tour guide, blacksmith, photographer, special event helper – you are needed and appreciated!