Old City Park is a lovely and unique location that provides a wide range of small and medium venues.  Our combination of indoor and outdoor beauty will make a perfect backdrop for whatever type of event you are planning.  We usually hold only one event at a time, so most event rentals give you and your guests the privacy of an entire thirteen acres of parkland with our fascinating buildings lining our well-lit pathways.  Our Park can easily charm and entertain everyone, from the very young to the very young at heart– even our four-legged friends love spending time at Old City Park.

Take advantage of our thirteen acres of space and create the perfect event to impress your family, friends, coworkers or clients.  Contact us now so we can help you dream up your next big event: whether you want sushi under the stars or barbecue in the Alamo Saloon your event will go down in history for all your guests.  For more information on rates, availability, sales tours, or to book an event, please contact the Rentals and Events Manager at 214-413-3675 or rentals@oldcityparkdallas.org, or simply click here to submit an online rental inquiry form. 

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